Please check below for the equipment you are looking for. If you don’t find what you are looking for, give us a call, we have machinery come in daily and there are always more items on the yard than you see listed.

John Deere 8230 MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Powershift, Front and Rear Weights, 18.4×46 Duals, Active Seat, 4362 hours

John Deere 6115M MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, John Deere H310 Loader, 16 Speed Power Quad, 3659 hours

John Deere 4020 Diesel, with John Deere 720 Loader, Powershift, 1967 model

John Deere 5075E MFWD Tractor with ROPS, Loader, Canopy, 12/12 Power Reverser, 976 hours

John Deere 6105D 2wd Tractor with Cab/Air, John Deere Loader, Power Reverser, Air Seat, 837 hours CLEAN!

John Deere 6403 MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, JD 542 Loader, Joystick, 3470 hours

Kioti RX6620 MFWD Tractor with OROPS, Power Shuttle, Loader, 126 hours

Kubota M126GX MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Kubota Loader, 24/24 Intellishift Transmission, 3-SCV, 922 hours

Kubota M9540 MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Loader, 2-SCv, 1854 Hours

New Holland Boomer 30 MFWD Tractor with ROPS, Canopy, Shuttle Transmission, 450 hours

Kubota M7040 MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Loader, 8/8 Transmission, 2-SCV, 1984 hours

John Deere 4960 MFWD Tractor, Cab/Air, 520/85/42 Rubber, Duals, Powershift, 11547 hours

Massey Ferguson 4608 MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Loader, 12/12 Power Reverser, 2-SCV, ONLY 352 hours

John Deere 3038E MFWD Tractor with ROPS, Loader, Hydrostat, 500 hours

Mahindra 8560 MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air Loader, 930 hours

Mahindra 3016 MFWD Tractor with ROPS, Loader, 321 hours

Kioti CS2510 MFWD Tractor with Loader, Mid and Rear PTO, Hydrostat, Only 77 hours

LS XR4046 MFWD Tractor with OROPS, Loader, Joystick, 2-SV, 12/12 Shuttle, 657 Hours

John Deere 4052M MFWD Tractor with Loader, ROPS, 12/12 Power Reverser, 558 Hours