Please check below for the equipment you are looking for. If you don’t find what you are looking for, give us a call, we have machinery come in daily and there are always more items on the yard than you see listed.

Kubota M5-091 MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Loader, 3-SCV, Hydraulic Shuttle, LIKE NEW! Only 39 hours

2009 John Deere 7130 Premium Tractor with Cab/Air, John Deere 741 SL Loader, Rear Weights, 18.4×38 Rear Rubber, 16 Speed Power Quad, 5295 hours

John Deere 5083E MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air 12/12 Power Reverser, Loader with Joystick, 1-SCV, 1207 hours

Kubota L3901 MFWD Tractor with OROPS, Loader, Joystick with 3rd Function, 1-SCV, 383 hours

John Deere 5065M MFWD Tractor with ROPS, 12/12 Power Reverser, Loader, 2-SCV, 2626 hours

Kubota L3800 MFWD Tractor with OROPS, Loader, joystick, 8/4 Transmission, 289 hours

LS XU6168 MFWD Tractor with Cagb/Air, 16/16 Shuttle Shift Transmission, 2-SCV, 424 hours

Kubota M6800 2wd OROPS Tractor with Loader, 2-SCV

Case IH JX70 MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Case IH LX720 Loader, Joystick, 2-SCV, 1422 hours

Allis Chalmers 5040 2wd Open Station Tractor–SMOKES

John Deere 3033R MFWD Tractor with Loader, OROPS, Shuttle Transmission, 117 hours

Kubota L4060 MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Loader, Joystick, 3rd Function, 1-SCv, Hydrostat, 383 hours

John Deere 4240 2wd Cab/Air Tractor, New A/C, Clean Interior