Please check below for the equipment you are looking for. If you don’t find what you are looking for, give us a call, we have machinery come in daily and there are always more items on the yard than you see listed.

John Deere 2240 2wd Tractor with John Deere 145 Loader, 50 hp

John Deere 2040 2wd Tractor with Koyker Loader, 40 hp

1999 John Deere 7210 2wd Cab/Air Tractor with 725 Loader, Joystick, Local, One-Owner, 16 Speed PowerQuad, 2-SCV, 8448 hours

1987 John Deere 4250 2wd Tractor with Koyker Loader, Mid-mounts and Joystick, Quad Range, 10273 hours

2005 John Deere 6420 2wd Cab/Air, PowerQuad, 6497 hours

2001 Massey Ferguson 231S 2wd Tractor with Loader, OROPS, Super Clean

Kubota L2600 2wd Tractor with OROPS

John Deere 3033R MFWD Tractor with Loader, Power Reverser, 182 hours

John Deere 3720 MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air Loader, Hydrostat

2018 John Deere 4066R MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Loader, Hydrostat, 524 hours

John Deere 8400 MFWD Tractor with Duals, 18.4×46 Rears, 3-SCV, Front and Rear Weights, 12140 hours

John Deere 6403 2wd Tractor with Cab/Air, NEW Westendorf Loader with 3rd Function, 1780 on tach

Kubota M7040 MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, 8/8 Hydraulic Shuttle, Loader, Joystick, 3-SCV, 1052 hours

2017 John Deere 4052M MFWD Tractor with Loader, OROPS, Power Reverser, 442 hours

Ford 540A Box Scraper Tractor, with Hydraulic Box Scraper, Shuttle, CLEAN

2019 Massey Ferguson 4708 2wd Tractor with cab/Air, Massey 931X Loader, 2-SCV, ONLY 34 hours with Factory Warranty