Please check below for the equipment you are looking for. If you don’t find what you are looking for, give us a call, we have machinery come in daily and there are always more items on the yard than you see listed.

John Deere 7420 2wd Tractor with Cab/Air, 16 Speed Power Quad,
5641 Hours

John Deere 5100M MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Loader, 3-Mid and 3 Rear SCV,
Power Reverser, 970 hours

Kubota M8540 MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Loader, Hydraulic Shuttle,
Shows 428 hours

John Deere 5100E MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Loader, Power Reverser, 2-SCV, 2879 hours

John Deere 3020 Row Crop Utility, Gasoline, SHARP!

John Deere 6155R MFWD Tractor with 640R Loader, 20 Speed AutoQuad Plus, 3-SCV, 903 Hours, CLEAN TRACTOR!

Kubota M5-111 MFWD Tractor with cab/air, Kubota Loader, Hydraulic Shuttle, 3-SCV, 1015 hours, CLEAN

2016 John Deere 6120E MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Loader READY, 12/12 Power Reverser, 1387 hours, NICE!

John Deere 6110M MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Loader, Joystick, 24 speed Power Quad, 646 hours

Kubota M4700 ROPS with Canopy, Loader, 1206 hours

Kubota MX5000SU 2wd Tractor with Loader, 1-SCV, Only 198 hours

2006 John Deere 6420 MFWD Tractor with High Clearance Tires, 16 Speed Power Quad, ONLY 2655 hours

Kubota M135X MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Loader, Intellishift Transmission, 2052 hours

Kubota M5140 MFWD Tractor with Loader, 2705 hours

Massey Ferguson 481 2wd Tractor with ROPS, Canopy, Shuttle, 2-SCV, 2449 hours

2003 John Deere 6420 2wd Tractor with Cab/Air, 16 Speed Power Quad, 2-SCV, 4611 hours

Massey Ferguson 231 2wd Tractor with Power Steering

Kubota L3901 MFWD Tractor with Loader, 8/8 Transmission, 137 hours

Kubota M7060 MFWD Tractor with OROPS, Loader, Hydraulic Shuttle, 1204 hours

John Deere 5093E MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Loader–DOES NOT MOVE

Massey Ferguson 283 2wd with Loader