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Please check below for the equipment you are looking for. If you don’t find what you are looking for, give us a call, we have machinery come in daily and there are always more items on the yard than you see listed.


MFWD Tractor with Loader MFWD Tractor 240 hp, 20.8 x 48 Duals,3 SCV's
MFWD Tractor with Loader, BH76 Backhoe, Hydrostat, 0 hours MFWD Tractor, with Cab/Air, Hyd Shuttle, Loader Joystick,
2 SCV's 463 hrs
MFWD Tractor, Loader, Shuttle, 258 hours MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Loader 4 SCV's, 1481 hrs, Buddy Seat
2012 MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Loader, Joystick, 2 SCV's, 776 hours 2wd Tractor with Cab and Air, 3 SCV's  
MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Loader, Joystick, Hyd. Shuttle,
2-SCV, 1676 Hours
2wd Tractor with Cab/Air, Bush Hog Loader, Joystick, PowerQuad, 3-SCV
2004 MFWD Tractor, Cab/Air, 3-SCV, Dynashift 2wd Tractor with Cab/Air, Dynashift, 2-SCV, 1000 hours
MFWD Tractor with JD 210 Loader, HST, 197 hours MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Hyd Shuttle, Loader, Joystick  
MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Loader, Joystick, 2-SCV, 776 hours MFWD Tractor ,1955 hours,2-SCV, Loader
2009 John Deere 5055D 2wd Tractor with Loader,
1-SCV, 205 hours.
2009 John Deere 5100E MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air,
12x12 Power Reverser, 2-SCV, 341 hours, LIKE NEW!
Kubota M6040 MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Loader,
Hydraulic Shuttle, 1-SCV, 409 hours.
Mahindra 8560 MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Loader,
2-SCV, 12 Speed with Shuttle, 517 hours.
Massey Ferguson 2660 MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Loader,
2-SCV, 8x8 Shuttle, 692 hours, NICE LOCAL TRACTOR.
2009 John Deere 5100E MFWD Tractor with Cab/Air, Loader,
2-SCV, 12x12 Power Reverser, 579 hours.
2005 Massey Ferguson 491 MFWD Tractor with ROPS, Loader, 1666 hours. 2007 Massey Ferguson 5460 2wd Tractor with Cab/Air,
Dyna-4 Transimssion, 1143 hours, CLEAN Tractor.
2012 John Deere 5065M MFWD Tractor with ROPS, JD 553 Loader,
PowerReverser, 2-SCV, ISO Platform, 1158 hours.
Case IH JX95 2wd Tractor with Cab/Air, 1218 hours.
John Deere 5085M MFWD Tractor with ROPS, PowerReverser,
JD 553 Loader, 2-SCV, 1784 hours.
2012 John Deere 5065M ROPS Tractor with MFWD, JD 553 Loader,
PowerReverser, ISO Platform, 2056 hours.
Case 244 2wd Diesel Tractor with 3 point and PTO.  

Want more information? Thank you for visiting our site, if we can assist you with more information on any of the above equipment please contact Catching Bros. Auctioneers, LLC. Be sure to check out all of our equipment for the upcoming auctions.
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